Review : Tokyo Hearts by Renae Lucas-Hall

I am so foolish because I didn’t read this book until now. At the beginning I didn’t know that I’d like this book but now , I love it. It was a peaceful and a beautiful book. Reading this  book I learned a lot of things about Japan and Japanese culture. Also the book made me laugh because I’m not familiar with Japanese names  and I don’t know if a certain  person is a girl or a boy.

The story begin introducing Haruka and Takashi. They had a lot in common. They were both interest in studying marketing. They shared a love for all Japanese things  whether it was culture , history  or religion. They both came from loving families and also they had similar aspiration for the future. While Haruka’s father was ill Takashi kept in touch with Haruka on telephone and he supported her emotionaly. So their relationship got stronger.  They met every week on Thursday at a café shop in the heart of Tokyo. All was good until Haruka’s ex-boyfriend , Jun , return in her life and made things from bad to worse. Jun is Yuriko’s cousin  and he’s very rich and full of charm. He accustomed Haruka’s mother with expensive gifts and that’s why she likes him and she wants to make him Haruka’s husband . Takashi knows all about Jun and he’s jealous of him because he loves  so much Haruka and he doesn’t want to lose her .

One day , Haruka friend, Yuriko , saw in her cousin’s bag a beautiful engagement ring and after that she told Haruka that the ring is for she . In that moment Haruka was so happy and so was her  mother . Now , Haruka has to chose between Takashi and Jun, between true love and money . Time passed and truth came out. Haruka found out the rings wasn’t for her , it was for another girl who Jun loved. She and her mother were so disappointed about Jun and Haruka  realized that Takashi is the perfect boy for her but she didn’t know if he would accept her because Takashi find out from Yuriko that Jun and Haruka will get married and then his heart was broken. Despite of what happened, Takashi accepted Haruka and now he can ofer her what she deserves because his grandmother died after an earthquake and she left him a fortune .

The character I hate very much is Jun . He’s so goofy and he knows very well how to play with girls’ hearts . In my opinion Takashi was perfect and he was my favorite right from the beginning. Haruka is the kind of girl who doesn’t know very well what she really wants and sometimes she annoys me. And now , Haruka’s parents… I think that I hate them , especially Haruka’s mother  ,  even more than Jun. Thay are so materialistic , but in one way I understand them because thay want what is the best for their daughter.

Overal the book was very good and I felt good when I read it. I can’t wait until the sequel of Tokyo Hearts ,Tokyo Dreams will come out.



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